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Ordinance Violations Lawyer in Wheaton, IL

DuPage County Ordinance Violations Attorney

DuPage County Criminal Defense Attorney for Local Criminal Infractions

If you or a loved one has been detained by local law enforcement and issued a citation under a municipal ordinance, you may be wondering what to do next. You have been accused of some type of illegal activity, but you are not being prosecuted under state or federal law. Instead, the police and local officials have decided to handle the matter as an ordinance violation. At The Law Offices of O’Donnell & Nierman, Ltd., we realize that ordinance violations can have serious consequences, and it is important to have an attorney by your side as you navigate the local judicial process.

Legal Counsel for Municipal Ordinance Violations

The American criminal justice system is comprised of several tiers. Federal laws are applicable in all 50 states, while each state also maintains its own set of criminal statutes. Local counties and municipalities may also pass ordinances for application within municipal limits. As each community is different, local ordinances can vary widely from one municipality to the next. Local ordinances, in addition to zoning and building code requirements, often include limitation or prohibitions of certain activities including:

  • Cell phone use while driving;
  • Underage drinking or drug possession;
  • Juvenile curfews;
  • Consumption of alcohol in public;
  • Noise levels during particular hours;
  • Animal control or abuse;
  • Retail theft and shoplifting; and
  • Restrictions on burning.

Protecting Your Rights in DuPage County

Perhaps the biggest difference between an ordinance violation and criminal charges under state law is that a conviction of an ordinance violation generally does not become part of the offenders permanent criminal record. This is not to suggest that ordinance violations are inconsequential. Depending on the seriousness of the offense and the penalties established by the municipality, you could still be facing costly fines and, in the case of repeat offenders, possible jail time.

As a former DuPage County prosecutor and law enforcement officer in the United States Army Reserve, Attorney Michael P. O'Donnell, understands that it can be very difficult to keep track of local ordinances in various municipalities. He and his team are prepared to work with you in ensuring that your rights are fully protected throughout the process. We will investigate the details of your alleged violation to find any and all evidence that can be used in your defense. In addition, we will help you understand your options for a positive outcome.

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When you have been charged with violating a local ordinance, you need a lawyer dedicated to protecting your rights. Contact The Law Offices of O’Donnell & Nierman, Ltd. to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today. Call 630-765-7365 and get the responsible, affordable representation you deserve. We are proud to serve clients throughout DuPage County, including but not limited to the communities of Aurora, Carol Stream, Naperville, Downers Grove, and Elgin.


The Law Offices of O’Donnell & Nierman, Ltd.

290 South County Farm Road, Suite O, Wheaton, IL 60187

The Law Offices of O’Donnell & Nierman, Ltd.

290 South County Farm Road, Suite O
Wheaton, IL 60187

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