Post Conviction Appeals and Clemency Proceedings
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Post-Conviction Appeals and Clemency Lawyer in Wheaton

Wheaton Post-Conviction Appeals and Clemency Lawyer

DuPage County Attorney for Post-Verdict Proceedings

Each year, hundreds of criminal defendants are convicted of crimes they did not commit. Many others are convicted despite the fact that their civil or constitutional rights were severely compromised leading up to and following their arrest. A conviction, however, does not mean that a defendant should give up trying to clear his or her name and reputation. At The Law Offices of O’Donnell & Nierman, Ltd., we believe that every criminal defendant deserves the protection of a competent, qualified attorney, and if someone you love did not receive adequate counsel during his or her initial trial, we are ready to help rectify the situation on appeal.

The right to an attorney is a basic tenet of the American criminal justice system. Too often, however, an attorney provided by the state or one who is overextended with criminal cases is not able to offer a defendant the representation he or she needs. Incompetent legal counsel is a violation of the defendant's constitutional rights and may be grounds to have a conviction overturned.

Post-Conviction Appeals

If you have been convicted of a crime but believe that your rights were violated by law enforcement or prosecutors, we are here to help. We can aid you filing an appeal based on:

  • Incompetent legal counsel;
  • Improper searches and seizures;
  • Misinterpretation or misapplication of the law;
  • Undue influence on a jury; and
  • Many other grounds.

As a former prosecutor and military police officer, Attorney Michael P. O'Donnell has seen firsthand how unreliable representation can affect the outcome of a criminal case. He and his team are committed to helping you get the justice you deserve, delayed though it may be.

Clemency Lawyer Serving Carol Stream and Aurora

Depending on the nature of your conviction, seeking clemency or a pardon from the governor may be an avenue available to you. Mr. O'Donnell will fully investigate the details of your arrest, conviction, and sentencing to find any and all evidence to support a request for clemency. In many cases, a pardon is the first step in having your record expunged and getting the fresh start you need to move forward with your life.

Whether you are looking for information about filing a criminal appeal or seeking executive clemency in Illinois, our team can help. Contact The Law Offices of O’Donnell & Nierman, Ltd. to get the process started today. Call 630-765-7365 for a free, confidential consultation. We are proud to represent clients in Wheaton, Downers Grove, Carol Stream, Naperville, Elgin, DuPage County, and the surrounding Chicago suburbs.


The Law Offices of O’Donnell & Nierman, Ltd.

290 South County Farm Road, Suite O, Wheaton, IL 60187

The Law Offices of O’Donnell & Nierman, Ltd.

290 South County Farm Road, Suite O
Wheaton, IL 60187

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